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1. Q: I have found the image does not clear enough sometimes, can you tell me how to solve it by myself? 

    A: During the examination, if you find the image is not clear enough, probably it is because the improper adjustment of TGC, brightness or contrast. At this time, you need to regulate the light       intensity, contrast or TGC, and try to find the most proper point of obtaining the best image.

2. Q: When I turn on the system, there are some layouts appearing in the monitor, but I can’t see the ultrasonic image?

    A: It is the problem of probe. Maybe the probe does not connect well. Therefore, please turn off the power, and connect it well again.

3. Q: How to determine whether a product under warranty when it need to be repaired?

     A: The guarantee period should be based on the time when the customers sign the effective slaes contract with our company.

4. Q:How to maintain ultrasonic equipment routinely? 

     A:1. Ultrasonic machine is a sophisticated electronic instrument, It must be cleaned and wiped daily, especially the daily maintenance of the probe is particularly important, we must clean the    probe after using it, because the gel remain on the probe is residual. If we can not maintain very well, the service life of the probe will be shorten.

          2. Ultrasonic machine must pay attention to dissipate heat  and ventilate, check and clean machine's ventilation filtering device monthly. Prevent the machine from overheating, so that the machine will not be burnt out.



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