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Established in 2005, Sichuan Canyearn Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd has continued to enjoy remarkable growth, thanks for its progressive product line and a professional team engaged in the research, management, production, and marketing.

Canyearn has developed over twenty types of B-model ultrasonic diagnostic apparatuses, the technical indicators of which reach the standard of GB10152,ISO2000 and CE, etc. 

Clarity,celerity,accuracy. Canyearn ultrasound machines are widely applied to diagnose the livers, gallbladders, spleens, kidneys, pancreases, hearts, thyroids, breasts, bladders, uteruses, animals and others. Canyearn offers innovative applications to enhance imaging performance, provide accurate diagnoses for patients from sophisticated urban hospital to austere remote village clinics.

Canyearn ultrasound diagnostic machines have become popular in Europe,South America, Africa,Southeast Asia and Oceania.etc, enjoying solid reputation home and abroad. Customers now rely on Canyearn as a trusted source capable of answering their ultrasound needs for products and service, meeting the challenged demands of clinical practice: user-friendly design, uncompromised quality, economic efficiency, longevity, sustainability.

Canyearn, an ultrasound manufacturing expert, your sincerely partner, your always faithful friend, will keep on creating bilateral prosperity with you all the time.

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